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It seems an obvious question, but when it comes to retouching knowing your colours is an integral skill of the job. Our in-house retoucher has over 50 years experience in the industry, and has been involved in colour all his life. Growing up in the printing trade, he has worked as a proofer, scanner, planner, plater, and retoucher. We couldn't help but tap into this expertise and ask a few questions:

Q - So, what colour is white?

A - Understanding colour, and the manipulation of colour, is vital for a skilled retoucher. White actually composes of shades of grey. You need to see the edge of the product, and be able to distinguish it from the page/background. You only need look at the images we shot for the White Stuff wholesale catalogue to see what really goes into the perfect white!

Q - Away from white, how do you guarantee the best colour match?

A - In the 3Objectives studio we use a GTI MiniMatcher, operated on the daylight setting. Items are placed under the light to allow an accurate visual colour assessment. Using the naked eye we then compare this to the high resolution colour on our top industry LaCie monitor, and amend accordingly. Working like this ensures the final result is an image most true to the original product colour.

Q - Being in the industry for so long, do you feel quality has improved with technology? If not, why?

A - Within the creative and colour industry I feel capability, rather than technology, ultimately determines quality. Quality has always been there (with the right skills, training, and 'eye'), but technology has definitely quickened the pace. To really push development I feel apprenticeships should be reintroduced (I started as a plate maker and proofer apprentice at age 15). In the end though, having the combination of initiative, natural skill, the right tutor, and on-the-job experience, will most likely deliver quality. Technology, however, is always one to watch...

If you have a question for our in-house retoucher, or would like to know more about 3Objectives' retouching services, contact us at the studio to find out more.
Rosie Meckiff interviews our in-house retoucher