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The styling of any garment is an important part of the image chain.

Like any profession it is easy to become shoddy in your work, but the importance of quality styling, and a quality stylist, can be the difference to a clothing range selling well or totally bombing out, costing a company literally thousands of pounds.

Hundreds of people a day switch on their computers and click away looking at Fashion, Interiors, Homeware sites etc., so it is of paramount importance that a company’s images look good. After all a website and catalogue is the front end of any business and gives out a first impression.

Before the recession a stylist was a must on every shoot, but with budgets being slashed and the market ever more hungry for cheaper images (whilst still retaining a high level of quality), a photographer must have the flexibility to be able to style as well as shoot.

Clothes styling, in which I specialize, can at first be a time consuming part of the job. However, with experience you can become a very valued member of any studio, particularly if you can pin garments, shoot on mannequin, style with movement (which is popular at the moment), and style and shoot garments as outfits with a drop shadow, such as below.

The kit bag of a stylist is a very interesting concoction of pins, clamps, cocktail sticks, paper tissue, clips, fishing wire etc., all used to bring shape and harmony to the client's products.

My personal favourite is shooting the clothes which have movement as though somebody is wearing them. These look particularly effective as a single A4 page with accessories scattered around the main image (example below), and is a way of showcasing a lot of products per page without breaking the budget.  

For more information on fashion product photography, or if you have a question for Aneta, contact the studio. 
Aneta Swoboda - 
3Objectives Photographer + Videographer