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Over the years many people have asked 'What does 3Objectives stand for?'. There are two answers to this.

One is that when the company was formed in March 2011 it was by three
determined photographers from the ashes of Objective Image, which at the time was a large format company and photography studio. Unfortunately, due to the worst recession since WW2, the print side of Objective Image fell on hard times and was forced into closure.

All three of us were eventually made redundant. On the spur of the moment, with literally 24hrs left before the studio closed, we decided to buy the equipment and start up 3Objectives. At the time we had some wonderfully loyal clients who encouraged us to keep going. Without them we would never have started up.

We split our man power between us on the Thursday (Dooms Day). I had to deal with the administrator to get the best deal on the equipment, whilst one partner was setting up a bank account, and the other was sorting moving arrangements to the unit next door.

We visited Barclays Bank Clapham High Street on the Friday afternoon to sign the papers, we were now a brand new company!! Equipment secured, unit secured, clients secured, all we had to do was move. Family, friends, and anybody who could lift, sweep, or more importantly make a cup of tea, were recruited.

On Saturday morning I declared we would be shooting 9am Monday morning, 'No way!' being the most popular answer. I didn't want to let one client down, so after a crazy weekend Monday arrived, and by 10am the first shot had been sent to one of our most encouraging clients, Flora Bathurst at ELLE Decoration magazine. I remember it well, glassware on a blue background, sent via iPhone as we had no internet set up.

Eventually normal service was resumed, but we had to move again from our temporary unit to where we are now (and happily still on the same estate).

As for the second answer, 3Objectives stands for quality images, quality service, and client satisfaction. Something I hope we are still providing in years to come.
Paul Downes - 3Objectives Photography Director