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If you are looking for an exhibition to visit this spring, Paul Strand : Photography and Film for the 20th Century at the Victoria & Albert Museum, is a definite must-see.

The exhibition is a huge retrospective of American photographer and film maker Paul Strand, and is the first since his death in 1976.

It is an easy few hours spent traveling through Paul Strand's significant art work, which he created over a 60 year period. His images are of a very personal kind, observing a changing world.

The artist started his photographic adventure as a pictorialist, inspired by a trip to Alfred Stieglitz's Little Galleries, who were members of the New York based professional Photo-Session Group. Strand studied there as a student with the Camera Club in 1907.

After 7 years of photographing in a pictorial style, Strand after apparently being criticised by Stieglitz, dramatically changed his style and technique. From 1915 Strand turned to large format images of street portraits, landscapes, city movement and abstraction.

Strand subsequently earned a pioneering position in documental photography, which had grown beyond documentary and into more personal images of people and their surrounding habitat, as well as shooting nature subjects, particularly close up images.

Mostly Strand had earned his living working as a freelancer travelling around the world. He also enjoyed making films about social matter, which he later stopped producing as he thought he had taken his filming as far as he could.

The last 20 years of his life, Strand stopped traveling and concentrated on photographing his own garden in Orgeval, France.

The exhibition in the V&A museum shows all stages of Strand's photography and films, and leads visitors through not only the rapid changes in the 20th Century world, but also through personal changes in the artist himself.

If you read the commentary in each room, you will understand the greatness of the photographer as a person.

If you would like to know more about Paul Strand browse the link below, which was used as a source in this blog:

Further pictures of Strand's art works can be seen here:


I also recommend the following documentary on Strand:

Lastly, I have included the link to the exhibition below:

Aneta Swoboda -
3Objectves Photographer & Videographer