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The first Gif animated images appeared in the early 90's and were a very popular choice of the day during the early stages of exploring the internet. Since the 90's their popularity has increased rapidly, especially in present day use on blogs and social media platforms.

As opposed to a single image, the Gif as a moving one tends to hold your attention a little longer, and they are a lot more simple to produce than a video. A Gif lasts for just a few seconds and runs as a loop, repeating those few seconds of footage you have produced.

To produce a Gif couldn't be easier, making your animation is achievable by using an app on a smartphone. Perhaps this is another reason as to why the Gif has become such a popular and common way to express our feelings, or to spread news that we would like to share with our friends and followers.

One of the most important ways of sharing a Gif portal is through Tumblr: www.tumblr.com/explore/gifs .

On here you can find there are Gifs about what is happening in the world as it happens, and at this point i should also mention another short film technique Vine. Although not exactly a Gif orientated application it still uses six second looped animation that can also be converted from a Gif.

Vine has become a social network where people can produce their own animated films using a smartphone and editing app.

Please follow the link to see what we have produced on Vine, including the Gif animation created from the still image below, and 'The History of The Arsenal Shirt', which had over 1,000 hits to help publicise our photography services and to advertise the sale of the book: https://vine.co/3Objectives.Photography

Vine is linked to Twitter, where you can re-tweet your animations, and like Twitter (@3Objectives), is an easy to use platform. In a constantly growing era of blog and social media, where people continually have less time, a short form of information like Gif and Vine will keep expanding and become more and more popular as a form of information.

People enjoy a moving image, and in some cases prefer to use them rather than reading a magazine or newspaper, hence why print appears to be dying out and electronic tablets are replacing the written word.

If you don't feel like you have the ability, equipment, or time to produce a film, try searching the internet where you can find a ready made Gif to use.

One the most popular is http://giphy.com. On here there are hundreds of Gifs to search, ready for you to express your every feeling to share with world.

For further inspiration, check out The 30 Best Animated Gif Artists on the Web, as determined by Creative Market.

Happy filming!

Aneta Swoboda - 3Objectives Photographer + Videographer