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Here in the 3Objectives studio we are always super busy on a range of exciting projects. Very often a photo shoot is so special it needs to go beyond the still images. That is why we film some of our biggest photo sessions. It's a chance to explore beyond the still image, showcasing all the excitement and atmosphere of a shoot.

I am the lucky one who gets to look through the video camera and capture what's happening beyond the stills. Before I turn my camera on and start filming I double check my white balance has been set up properly. If not this can cost an editor hours of work to achieve the required result.

I personally like to work on footage which is slightly overexposed, rather than underexposed. I choose a big aperture, which gives a nice depth of field (meaning the object I focus on appears nice and sharp, whereas the background is soft). It works especially well to show close-up details.  To exaggerate an effect, a long lens (120mm) is the one I recommend using.

When I'm filming a backstage video I like to focus on people's emotions and the general atmosphere of the shoot, especially if they are not aware of me filming. For example: models chatting between shots, or relaxing with a cup of tea waiting for their turn with the make-up artist. I never forget to capture these emotions. This makes a video more personal.

Capturing those kind of moments I also film all the professional sides of the shoot, I focus on the studio team and creative individuals, working together towards the final vision, also ensuring to always showcase the product, which is often the hero of the photo shoot.

Before filming I have to make sure I cover all areas to best portray the shoot, having a plan before filming is essential. I have to be aware that I will spend time in front of the computer reviewing the captured footage, choosing the best parts, which I then cut to produce the final edit. Therefore I find it's better to not get overexcited and film long hours of footage and keep repeating the same shots.

I use Premier Pro by Adobe for editing, this I love as it's so easy to use. All the tools I need for editing are very logical on Premier Pro, and the software enables me to work efficiently. Since I lost an edited video (because I didn't save during editing...), I now always remember to save whilst I edit. 

If I need music to use in my video I research on the Free Music Archive: http://freemusicarchive.org/. It's a brilliant website with a huge variety of music, which can be used for non-commercial purposes.

Recently my adventure with moving image at 3Objectives expanded into Vine videos. Vine is an app for mobile phones and other handheld devices. It is built on a social media platform, which is supported by Twitter. The application allows you to record up to six seconds of looping video.  The process of filming for Vine can be very straightforward. On a basic level all you need to do is film straight on your camera phone for six seconds, and Vine will loop this for you.

Vine has very limited ability to video edit. Practically there is only the possibility to remove or swap places between frames. One frame lasts as long as the single touch of a phone's screen during recording. There is no supporting application to edit after filming. The idea of Vine is very simple - to film up to 6 seconds of video and then send it viral. 

This very simple idea becomes more complicated when you become aware you only have six seconds to express yourself and your idea, which can hardly be edited afterwards. When starting out I found Vine equally challenging and fascinating.

It is a great application as it allows you to achieve results without much special effect facilities and supporting softwares. Vine also allows me to experiment with using a very simple filming environment, which in itself has become a unique handcraft.

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Aneta Swoboda - 3Objectives Photographer & Videographer