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Time to get social? In this month's blog we share our Top 5 Twitter Beginner Tips. Whether you need a nudge to set up your first Twitter account, or have recently joined, this is the blog for you...

1) What's in a Name?

When it comes to deciding your Twitter username (handle) simplicity and consistency are key. Unless you decide to use this as a chance to capitalize on key words in your industry (such as @LondonStudioHire or @FashionStylist) we recommend using your company name, or an easily decipherable abbreviation. 

As examples, 3Objectives Photography use @3Objectives, and model & creative agency Scout Management @scout_mgmt. Try not to make your Twitter handle too complex or long (Twitter maximum 15 characters), so it's easy for people to remember, and type.

If you've recently joined Twitter and are now having username regrets, good news is it's not too late. Twitter handles can easily be changed, without affecting your existing account, followers or direct messages. Click here for details.

Also remember, consistency across social media is paramount. Where possible, try to ensure your username is the same across all platforms, from Twitter to Facebook and Instagram. This makes your account easy to find, and believe us that’s important.

2) Post, Like, Comment, Share, Follow, Engage

Now you're all set up, it's time to get social. Make sure to regularly post updates to show clients (and potential clients) you're active, and to increase the chance of your posts featuring on their feed. 

Ideally you should tweet every day (several times a day if possible), but start with what is manageable for you. Hootsuite is an affordable social tool for businesses (starting from free), which allows you to schedule tweets and other social media posts days, weeks, and even months ahead. Find out more here.

Perhaps you have a team member dedicated to managing all social media (in small businesses this may be you), or have decided to delegate different platforms to different contacts within your organisation. Whatever way you choose to work this, ensure each person knows their responsibilities and expectations.

And remember, vital to all social media is to ENGAGE with your audience. Ensure to 'Like', 'Share' and 'Comment' on other's posts, and follow potential clients and others in your industry (including competitors). If posting something relevant to a particular client 'Tag' them using their Twitter handle. Let’s start a conversation…

3) #Hashtags

Another must when posting is to use hashtags for key words. Certain key words or phrases relating to your services and industry should be prefixed with # to help categorize tweet topics. 

Ensure to use hashtags without any spaces, using letters and numbers (Note: Do not start with, or use number only hashtags). The use of special characters, such as ! & * / will break the hashtag, so that #hair&make-upartist, will actually only register as #hair.

It's also a good idea to use popular hashtags in your posts (where relevant), with current trending hashtags shown under the 'Trends' column on your feed. This will place your tweets amongst the most popular current topics.

A word of warning though, try not to go crazy with hashtags. Your post still needs to be readable and not look like spam. No more than 2-3 hashtags per tweet is recommended.

And why not start your own hashtag to identify your business? Go on, #bebrave with hashtags...

4) Keep it Visual

Although Twitter is the perfect platform for short, text-only updates, it's a good idea to boost engagement by including images. These can be simple pictures taken on your camera phone, or from the internet (try to credit original source where possible). 

Tweets including pictures tend to stand out on people’s feed, and after all, they say a picture speaks a thousand words (and you only have 140 characters...).

5) Would You?

​And finally, a good tip to determine if your post is worth posting – Would you read it?

For more tips on getting started, or utilizing Twitter, check out Twitter's Help Center.

Happy Tweeting!

Rosie Meckiff Mengel - 
Scout Management Director +
3Objectives Marketing Agent