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Being a photographer the year offers you work on many diverse projects, be it still life, product shots or model shoots, to filming and shooting on location. Reflecting over the working year there are always a few stand out shoots, and this year has been no different. Being a total football-holic, one such project was for a book titled The Arsenal Shirt, written by Simon "Shakey" Shakeshaft and James Elkin, published by Vision Sports Publishing

The book covers the historical story of the iconic Gunners football shirt. All shirts and incidentals, such as badges, logos, were photographed in the 3Objectives studio and retouched in-house. One reason I think made it particularly special was the fact these were all genuine match worn shirts, worn by the players in Premiership, Championship League, Cup game, etc., with each shirt still carrying the blood, sweat, and tears of battle, plus the odd mud stain!

Secondly the book is printed as A4 hardback on glossy paper, which gives each photograph a beautiful clear, bright, defined image. Our images are normally magazine print or web based reproduction so it is a rare treat to see them in their full glory on a black background, plus adding to the fact each image was shot on a medium format Hasselblad.

The book also carries the name of each of us who worked on the project and the company logo, this again is not a common occurrence so a nice touch, I guess we all do get our 15 minutes of fame!

It was a pleasure to work on and my thanks go to Jim Drewett at Vision Sports Publishing for commissioning the 3Objectives studio.

Paul Downes - 3Objectives Photographer + Director