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This month studio recommended hair & make-up artist Demi Chantelle shares her top tips and insight into what to expect on set...

Prior to an upcoming photo shoot I make sure my make-up brushes are clean by using baby shampoo for a deep cleanse. If there isn’t enough time for drying I instead use Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA).  I prepare my kit by making sure I have the correct shades for the model's skin tone and the correct colourings based on the pre-shoot brief.  

I will always pack more than I need as the brief can change on the day. For this shoot the Daniel Galvin hair stylists were on set, showing the processes of hair cutting for a Look Book, so my focus was purely on make-up.

On the day of the shoot I will always leave myself more than enough time to get to the 3Objectives studio, being just on time or late is not acceptable for me and unprofessional.

Once I arrive I set-up under the best lighting available, as I need true light to see how the make-up will look on camera.  The model and client arrive, I introduce myself and look over the brief with them.  I talk to the model regarding her skin type and any allergies she may have prior to commencing skincare and make-up application. This is when the magic begins!

Once the first make-up look is completed I show the client, make any necessary tweaks, and then the model is ready to be dressed.  I make sure the make-up is looking exactly how it should on screen.

Time is precious on a shoot. The time set for this shoot is 8 hours so being fast and on point is very important. Throughout shots, if the model’s hair becomes out of place, or the make-up a little shiny, I jump in and touch up.

My day is finished when we have all the shots required.  It’s time to pack up and head home.  Before leaving I say goodbye to the whole team and leave my business card, as this may lead to future work.

For the Daniel Galvin shoot I wasn’t able to attend both days, so with this being the case, it is vital to check if continuity will be required for the next day's shoot. If so, I would then speak to the fellow makeup artist covering a summary brief of what make-up I used and how it was applied, including a picture example from the day.

Arriving home, I unpack and prepare my brushes and kit for my next job in the morning...

Demi Chantelle - 
Hair & Make-Up Artist
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