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Some people wake up to the sound of a single alarm clock, some to the morning sunlight emerging through a gap in the curtains, and some very lucky people to the smell of breakfast in bed. I wake 
up to five alarms that sound like they're trying to awaken the entire neighbourhood. It seems excessive, but there's no price on making sure I'm awake. The first rule of being a freelance photographer is 'don't be late!'.

I'm first in the studio today. In the next half an hour I have to prepare and send out two completed jobs, ensure an urgent package is picked up by the courier, and set up the lights for a quick shoot with a client at 08:30. And prepare the teas and coffees, of course!

The whole team are busy and the studio's abuzz. Sinatra's on the stereo, and my main job for the day has just arrived. Today I will be shooting fashion accessories for Elle magazine. Being a freelancer allows for a diverse range of work – and so it always pays to look back on previous pictures with specific clients and make sure you fully understand the brief.

There must be jobs where time slows to a crawl, but at the 3Objectives studio the atmosphere is exciting and fast paced! Rosie has just given me a priority pair of shoes to shoot in the next hour, Aneta has asked me to send over a completed job to the client, and a courier has arrived to pick up another urgent package. It feels like we haven't long walked through the doors and it's almost lunchtime.

My next shot is of a clutch bag. Just a basic straight shot, how hard can it be? Never tempt fate with the words “how hard can it be” in a photography studio. There is no surer way to lay a curse on yourself and the shoot! But fortunately, we photographers love a challenge. There is something about this bag I just can't get right. The colours look vibrant, the highlights are in the right place, it looks like I could touch the screen and feel the texture... so what is it? I angle the buckle of the bag up by a tiny fraction so that it catches the light that little bit more. Perfect!

So that is a day of freelancing for 3Objectives Photography! It feels like it should be four in the afternoon, but somehow the day has slipped through our fingers! A good day's work - all jobs completed, all urgent packages picked up, the studio looks just how I found it. I always take the time to tidy the studio after I've finished shooting, because as a freelancer I may not be the next person to come back to it. Now time to lock up, and lights out!

Lee Murrells - 
Freelance Photographer