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In the busy environment of the 3Objectives studio, I recently had the opportunity to film one very special project. It was a charity event held at the end of April by our commercial property landlord Workspace. The charity organization was XLP, who help young people from deprived families restore their lives.

On behalf of 3Objectives I filmed the event for the charity's website. The evening included a silent auction to raise funds for the XLP organization. 3Objectives donated a corporate portraiture shoot, which was luckily won by Gabrielle Shaw from NAPAC (image below).

The video was a short documentation of the event. I had to be sure to cover the important highlights and everyone directly involved. This included: voluntary workers, artists, musicians, catering company, charity guests, and the people who kindly donated, bought merchandise, and took part in the silent auction bidding.

My goal whilst filming was to be alert to any important or crucial activities throughout the event and capture enough footage for editing. I needed a clear documentary for people to see and understand exactly what happened on the night.

Always at this kind of event (where a lot of people are involved), you need to allow space outside of your planned filming structure for unpredictable incidents. These spontaneous moments create character and add atmosphere to the whole event.

My goal as a videographer is to be aware of all these small details and not to miss them out of the final video.

There is only one way of doing this if you are on your own with just one film camera. You have to be alert and constantly film throughout the event, capturing everything you may find important afterwards in editing.

Check out the final edit on the 3Objectives Vimeo account: 

For more information on 3Objectives filming services, or if you have a question for Aneta, contact the studio.

Aneta Swoboda - 
3Objectives Photographer & Videographer